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July 5, 2011

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ISBN 9780425242179


"A treasure hunt into the Gold Rush..."


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Rupert guarding chicken Rupert the Cat

The above picture shows Rupert jealously guarding his fried chicken-shaped cat toys, home made by reader Cheryl Donnelly Markiewicz.

How to Moon a Cat

a Cats and Curios Mystery
by Rebecca M. Hale

How to Moon a Cat Rupert

When Rupert the cat sniffs out a dusty green vase with a toy bear hidden inside, his owner has no doubt this is another of her Uncle Oscar's infamous clues to one of his valuable hidden treasures.

Eager to put together the pieces of the puzzle, she's soon heading to Nevada City, accompanied by her two cats, Rupert and Isabella, having no idea that this road trip will put her life in danger.